The Village West Yacht Club (VWYC) is located in Stockton, California. VWYC is a member of the Pacific Inter Club Yachting Association. We are a group of boat owners and people interested in boating, and the boating community. To learn more about VWYC, please visit the About Us page.

Current Events
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(Mon) Oct 21st
Board Meeting
(Fri) Oct 25th
Caliente Yacht Club
(Fri) Oct 25th
General Mtg, Friday Night Dinner
(Sat) Oct 26th
Halloween Party and costume contest
(Sat) Oct 26th
Caliente Yacht Club

For Memberships in the VWYC
Check our "Join The Club"page for more
information about becoming a member

We sponsor Yacht Club Cruise-ins. Please  Contact Us for more information. 

Member, Pacific Inter-Club Yachting Association (PICYA)

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